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הפורמטים של קודה תקשורת

Your Honor

Drama / 1 season
When the son of a respected judge is involved in a hit-and-run, they are both drawn into a high-stakes game of lies, deceit, and impossible choices when it comes to light that the victim was the son of a notorious crime lord. Now an accessory to his son’s crime, he initiates a web of lies that forces him to confront his life’s pursuit of justice in his relentless determination to protect his family.

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Line in the Sand

Crime drama / 1 season
Alon, an outstanding detective officer who came from Nahariya and moved to Tel Aviv, is asked to return to his hometown and acts there as a detective officer for a year. When he returns, he discovers that a criminal organization operating in the city. Alon understands that in order to fight the organization, he must first restore the public status of the police in the city.

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Docu-drama / 8 seasons (Israel) / 1 season (US) /
22 territories worldwide

A revolutionary format revealing the core of our connection to each other as individuals, and society as a whole. In a world dominated by live broadcasting and constant self-exposure, five men and women document their lives over six months, capturing everything from the day-to-day conflicts to their most intimate moments.

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The Interns​

Docu-drama / 2 seasons
Peek into the pressures of surgery rooms as we follow the day-to-day lives of five surgical interns while they learn to cope with the stresses of both their personal and professional lives.

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Yes Man

Docu-drama / 2 season
Five celebrities sign an agreement under which they pledge to say “yes” to things they would have usually said “no” to – following a path set for them by the show’s mentor and host.

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Lionesses of the Valley

Docu-drama / 1 season
Israel’s eastern border just got a bit safer with the Lionesses around. A 10-episode series that digs into one of the IDF’s newest mixed-gender combat units. What happens behind the scenes and along the Jordan Valley border when female soldiers are now in charge of protecting it?

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Just the Way You Are

Docu-drama / 2022
Created by a TV host and naturopath, who has been leading the change of the female body image in recent years. The movie boldly deals with the delicate subject of being fat and the body image of teen girls and women in an age where social media, commercials and social norms worship skinniness. The movie discusses the horrible toll this culture of beauty ideal has on self-image, and guilt feelings, and society’s attitude towards it, as well as that of the people closest to us: our parents.

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Queen – the Story of Linor Abergil

Docu-drama / 2022
24 years after the night that changed her life, the movie depicts the life story of
former Miss World Linor Abergil. Growing up in a working-class family in Netanya,
her horrific rape by an Israeli travel agent in Italy at age 17, and being crowned Miss
World of 1998 three weeks later, becoming a forerunner of the #MeToo movement,
and her decision to become an Orthodox Jew.

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Looking for Answers

Docu-drama / 2021
A local TV host, who grew up in the quintessential Tel Aviv “bubble”, and married her complete opposite: a religious man who grew up in a very religious house. This documentary follows the couple as they become a family, and the questions they’ve been dealing with since the day they met. Now, with impending parenthood, they have to prepare for the next phase in their journey and decide which education system is better for them: the secular or the religious one.

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Walls of Jerusalem

Docu-drama / 1 season
‘Fauda in real life’…An action-packed series that provides a special look at the work of police officers in the world’s most controversial capital. In a city that brings with it all the social, religious, and political tensions of the entire Middle East, the job of Israel’s police force is not only unsafe, but all-consuming when fighting to keep Jerusalem’s residents – both Israeli and Arab – safe.
In a city that brings with it all the social, religious, and political tensions of the entire Middle East, the job of Israel’s police force is not only unsafe, but all-consuming when tasked with the responsibility to keep Jerusalem’s residents – both Israeli and Arab – safe.
Walls of Jerusalem documents the activities behind Israel’s Border Police in the city that truly never sleeps when it comes to violence.
The heroic team behind this, some of the greatest in Israel’s intelligence and detective units, must confront it all. Through the story of their daily routine and personal struggles, the viewer will be exposed to life in Jerusalem in a new way, along with the dilemmas that arise, solutions, ability and personal sacrifice of the people whose job it is to stop anything that threatens to disrupt Jerusalem’s residents.
Following male and female officers on their “routine” chases down the streets of Jerusalem, the show is an intense surveillance and documentation that dig into Israel’s police force and the faces behind the bluecoats as they confront conflict day and night – both on the streets and in their personal lives.
Walls of Jerusalem exposes the very real ethical dilemmas that arise on duty as officers put on their uniform and go to work – unsure of the day’s outcome – and provides a shocking glimpse into one of the most-talked about cities in the world, reflected by the people whose job it is to keep it safe.
Season 1 (9 episodes), aired on KAN.

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The First Family

Drama / 2 seasons
When a family’s patriarch becomes the country’s president, his family comes along too. Under constant public scrutiny, their move into the White House forces them to live a life of secrets and deceit in their battle to maintain public office.

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State Rules

Drama / 1 season
When David Graziano discovers his brother, former political advisor, was murdered and made to look like an accident, he infiltrates political office under false identity hoping to discover the truth behind the murder. David’s involvement with the government gets dangerous quickly, revealing political secrets, extortion attempts, and lies that, once exposed, could finally uncover the true faces behind the government, and might just destroy the State.

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On the Record

Docu-parody / 1 season
Inspired by the revolutionary filmmaking behind Connected comes a scripted parody like never before. Filmed in selfie-style documentary, six fictional characters shoot themselves and their lives for all to see. Diverse episodes filled with comedic situations and dramatic discoveries, this multi-genre format leads to the ultimate realization – human conflict is universal…and watching it on camera is captivating.

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House Crasher

Docu-comedy / 2 seasons
Self-proclaimed “coacher of celebs”, controversial comedian Hanoch Daum settles into the homes of well-known public figures for 48 hours, providing witty commentary in an attempt to ‘guide them to a better life.’

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Ceasarea Express

Parody about a superstar’s successful talent agent who looks for a new challenge. He discovers and signs a failing comedy trio. He’s confident in his skills and promises them he will get them to the biggest permanent stage in Israel, the amphitheater in Caesarea.

Aired on Hot.

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Docu-reality / 2 seasons

Unmask the good, the bad, and the ugly with an unscripted docu-drama that follows six police officers in Israel’s police force. From undercover drug raids to national riots, Blue provides a rare glimpse into the daily grind of police officers with special behind-the-scenes footage revealing what really goes on once the bluecoats get involved.

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Let’s Talk About It

Docu-reality / 1 season
A psyhcological docu-reality series following a three-day therapy workshop, led by a clinical psychologist and a psychodrama therapist who is also a director. The objective of the workshop is pealing off each and everyone’s outer layers and getting rid once and for all of all the masks we walk around with in life. Until the breaking point, making the characters reevaluate their lives.
The series aired twice a week for two consecutive weeks, to show the intense feelings of the group therapy. The characters were seen without makeup, with cameras in the frame.

Aired on Keshet.

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How Far

Docu-reality / 1 season
Three Israeli men in their late thirties, globetrotters with a successful career who live in various locations around the world, experience romantic encounters on their search for an Israeli woman.

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