Walls of Jerusalem

In a city that brings with it all the social, religious, and political tensions of the entire Middle East, the job of Israel’s police force is not only unsafe, but all-consuming when tasked with the responsibility to keep Jerusalem’s residents – both Israeli and Arab – safe.

Walls of Jerusalem documents the activities behind Israel’s Border Police in the city that truly never sleeps when it comes to violence.  

The heroic team behind this, some of the greatest in Israel’s intelligence and detective units, must confront it all. Through the story of their daily routine and personal struggles, the viewer will be exposed to life in Jerusalem in a new way, along with the dilemmas that arise, solutions, ability and personal sacrifice of the people whose job it is to stop anything that threatens to disrupt Jerusalem’s residents.

Following male and female officers on their “routine” chases down the streets of Jerusalem, the show is an intense surveillance and documentation that dig into Israel’s police force and the faces behind the bluecoats as they confront conflict day and night – both on the streets and in their personal lives.

Walls of Jerusalem exposes the very real ethical dilemmas that arise on duty as officers put on their uniform and go to work – unsure of the day’s outcome – and provides a shocking glimpse into one of the most-talked about cities in the world, reflected by the people whose job it is to keep it safe.

Season 1 (9 episodes), aired on KAN.