Yes Man

Five celebrities sign an agreement under which they pledge to say “yes” to things they would have usually said “no” to – following a path set for them by the show’s mentor and host.

The series accompanies participants for six months, during which they confront people and situations they previously struggled with, deal with relationships (the missed or messed up), approach new paths they previously feared and aim to fulfill dreams they lacked the courage to achieve – all in a brave attempt to escape their comfort zone and move forward with their lives.

This new life approach, and the drama that results, will lead the participants to unexpected places and experiences that will completely change the course of their lives.

The series’ host accompanies the participants throughout the entire process, assigns them specific tasks, and finds creative solutions to the problems they will stumble upon along the way.

The goal is to deal with circumstances, dilemmas and encounters they would have normally avoided in order to help get them out of their personal and professional ruts and achieve true, meaningful change – if they just say “YES!”

Photo Credit: Pini Siluk

2 Seasons (35 episodes), aired October 2019 on YES.