Your Honor


17-year-old Shai Alkobi is involved in an accidental hit-and-run, critically wounding a motorcycle driver and fleeing from the scene of the crime. When his father, high-profile criminal judge Micha Alkobi, learns of the accident, he immediately takes his son to the police to confess to his crime. That is…until the victim’s identity is revealed.

The motorcycle driver was Assaf Ben Atar, son of a notorious crime lord, whom Judge Micha has met on more than one occasion while leading the prosecution against him and his family’s criminal actions. If Shai is extradited to the police, his life will be in danger. Micha, who has focused his life’s work on honesty, justice and the law, is left with no choice but to break the law and lie to the police for the first time in his life.

In his desperate attempts to protect his son, Micha declares that his car was stolen. Now an accessory to his son’s crime, he initiates an unstoppable web of lies that forces him to confront his life’s pursuit of justice in his relentless determination to protect his son.

Israel: 2 seasons (24 episodes), award-winning aired on YES; 
The format was sold to the US (Showtime), France (TF1), Germany (ARD,ORF), Italy (RAI), Russia (, ren/tv), India (Sony Liv), Turkey (atv). 

Finished Tape was sold to: Sweden (TV4), Brazil (Globo), Croatia & Balkan (Pickbox), Poland (NC+Canal Poland), Australia (SBS)