House Crasher

In the docu-comedy parody program House Crasher, comedian Hanoch Daum travels around in his trusty minivan and arrives at the homes of famous political and entertainment figures who have agreed to undergo his somewhat-fabricated coaching process. From a politician grappling with the public to a singer struggling with fame, these well-known figures admittedly have a problem they need help solving.

In comes Daum, who moves into their home for 48 hours of in-depth treatment that covers all aspects of the celebrity’s personal and professional life. Only this time, treatment involves Daum’s somewhat-fabricated coaching process, in which he grills the celebs in amusing fashion, shadowing them while administering quippy, opinionated remarks about their lives – all for the sake of ‘treatment’.

Dysfunctional, amusing, and disorderly conduct ensue in what can only be described as a messy, entertaining, live-in therapy session you wouldn’t want in your home.

House Crasher Promo (featuring famed politician, and former Minister of Finance, Yair Lapid)

“Daum pokes, prods and makes fun of each celeb, slightly reminiscent of Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Ali G” appearances and humorous incognito interviews of celebrities and politicians.”-The Times of Israel

5 seasons, 42 episodes, aired on Channel 10 & 13