How Far

A new and original television format, based on a social experiment that examines one emotional question: how far would you go (leaving behind friends, family, and a career) for the chance at love?

For three Israeli men who have built prosperous lives and successful careers in exotic destinations, one dream they have yet to fulfill: finding an Israeli woman to travel the world with.

How Far brings together three Israeli men in their late thirties, globetrotters with a successful career who live in various locations around the world. The men are outside of Israel, but intent on finding an Israeli woman to settle down with. This is where we come in. The men arrive to Israel as we help them on their search to find a partner.

The men will each meet 12 women while in Israel, ‘speed-dating’ style. Of the 12 women, they must choose four to travel abroad with, going on dates while testing their lifelong compatibility. In the end, will these three Israeli bachelors find what they were looking for?

Season 1 (15 episodes) aired on Keshet.