Lionesses of the Valley

A ten-episode series that accompanies the Lions of Jordan battalion, which for the first time in history has female combat soldiers training and fighting alongside men. With its activities focused on security of the Jordan Valley, the series focuses on the integration of female fighters in the IDF, following five boys and five girls from around the country, with different backgrounds and interests who, despite their differences, must join together and fight for the same goal – protection of the State of Israel and its citizens.

As the new soldiers are forced to confront daily battles both in the army and outside of it, from staying in line and following orders to personal conflicts and maintaining a social life, this docu-drama brings up the daily struggles and benefits of gender equality and what it means in uniform and on the field, following soldiers’ extraordinary transformation, from their first days in basic training all the way through their intensive combat service along the border.

In this male-dominated world of combat, will these young female soldiers be able to prove their strength to both themselves and those around them? Can they overcome a roller coaster of emotions and to preserve the legacy of the battalion, and the importance of mixed-gender combat service? And how will these young 18-year-olds succeed as they are thrust into the depths of Israeli culture, struggling to fight for their life in the army all while attempting to build a life outside of it.

Season 1 (10 episodes), aired on KAN. Season 2 in production.