From big-time drug raids and prostitution rings to homicide investigations and nationalist riots, Blue is a docu-drama series that follows six policemen and women from various undercover units in their pursuit of danger, unmasking the good, the bad, and the ugly behind Israel’s police force. Following officers day and night on their “routine” chases down the streets of Tel Aviv, the show is an intense surveillance and documentation that digs behind-the-scenes into Israel’s police force and the faces behind the bluecoats as they confront conflict – both on the streets and in their personal lives.

Blue exposes the very real ethical dilemmas that arise on duty as officers put on their uniform and go to work – unsure of the day’s outcome – and provides a shocking glimpse into Israeli society, reflected by the people whose job it is to protect each and every one of us.

Season 1 (based in Tel Aviv) aired on Keshet

Season 2 (based in Jerusalem), titled Walls of Jerusalem, currently airing on KAN.