Loving Anna

Finding ‘the one’ after you have reached a certain age is one challenge, having to do so as a celebrity is nearly intolerable. A special docu-reality series that gives viewers a unique glimpse into one celebrity’s real-life search for a partner.

As Anna’s quest begins, she leaves behind her familiar surroundings and chic urban life for a period of 21 days, during which she meets twelve men on a series of blind dates. Along this journey, Anna receives continuous guidance from a psychologist, who watches the footage of each of her dates and – together – he and Anna delve deep into her thoughts, behaviors, present fears, and past struggles with love.

With fresh and thought-provoking insights, Anna does her best to apply what she has learned from one date to the next. Following a very intensive process, during which she dates 12 different men and is accompanied by intense daily psychological therapy, Anna undergoes a serious transition as she disentangles every aspect of her life to uncover very real and personal struggles that hinder her ability to find love.

The show follows Anna’s dating whirlwind as she continues to work on herself and eliminate suitors, leaving her with just a few potential candidates left. Will she change her perspective on love? Can she shed her defense and trust her instincts? And will she finally open up and allow these new experiences to steer her in the right direction?

Join Anna on her search to finding love.    

Season 1 (6 episodes), aired on Keshet. The format was sold to Holland (NET5) as “12 Steps to love”.