When it comes to the news, there’s always more than meets the eye. Journalists struggle to maintain their integrity as they race against deadlines and compete against each other. Tempers flare, passions rage, people fall in love and fall apart. Day after day, in front of the cameras and behind them, drama permeates the dedicated team of Channel 4 News as it works to unveil the truth behind the headlines. What the viewers dont see, however, is that when the cameras turn off, chaos rules.

This is the world of Exposed, a daytime drama about the nation’s top-rated news show. Led by Gali Arazi, a celebrity anchor on Channel 4, who lives the ideal life with her loving husband and co-anchor, Eitan Arazi. She׳s sensitive and warm; he׳s sharp and professional. It’s the perfect balance to serve as the face of a powerful news empire. At the peak of their careers, they quickly learn that there’s a long way down from such heights, and that even the slightest slip can create their downfall.

What Gali Arazi believes to be the biggest scoop of the year – an alleged rape by a highly positioned judge – turns out to be the story that sends her plummeting to failure. When the judge commits suicide, the overwhelming backlash sends Gali into a tailspin from which she cannot recover.

Gali׳s entire world begins to fall apart. Little does she know she’s being backstabbed by an enemy from within – Shira Mazor, the judge’s daughter. Shira’s determined to humiliate Gali and avenge her father’s death, positioning herself not only as the new Lead Anchor, but also as a romantic rival for Eitan’s affections.

Don’t count Gali out yet. Publicly disgraced and ashamed, the tenacious anchor – who believes wholeheartedly in her search to expose the ‘Truth’ – is determined to claw her way back to the top, and she’s willing to use any means possible to get her life back.

Two seasons (160 episodes); daily drama, aired on HOT